LACDP Wins Top National Honors at the American Association of Political Consultants’ 2016 Pollie Awards

Danny Leserman April 19, 2016 0
LACDP received three prestigious “Pollie Awards,” the only local political party in the nation to be recognized for the fifth time.
The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) won three prestigious “Pollie Awards” from the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) at the 2016 AAPC Pollie Awards in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This is LACDP’s fifth year receiving national recognition for its persuasive and unique campaign tactics.  Once again, LACDP was the only local political party in the nation to have been honored.
Upon receiving news of the recent campaign awards, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman remarked “The Los Angeles County Democratic Party’s campaign team has once again proven its ability to develop innovative and creative campaign tactics to elect Democrats at every level of government.  I am so proud of the work we have accomplished and will continue to drive the top-notch campaign operations necessary to win in this year’s vital campaign season. We thank the American Association of Political Consultants for once again recognizing our work.”
To see samples of LACDP’s award-winning campaign materials, visit
LACDP’s mail piece “Ryu – Answer the Call” received a Gold Pollie for “Best Use of Membership Political Mail” and a Silver Pollie for “Best Use of Illustration.”
Part of a series of more traditional direct mail for David Ryu for LA City Council, “Answer the Call” used humor and the unique medium of cartoons to capture one’s attention and cause the piece to stand-out amongst the avalanche of mail being received by voters on a daily basis.
The cover showed an annoyed voter calling City Hall for services to no avail – a feeling all too familiar to many.    Inside, the piece depicted our endorsed candidate as a responsive advocate who was ready to answer their call.  The piece showcased the strong connection that the Democratic Party can make with its members when it listens to their concerns and speaks to the issues that they care most about.
Additionally, LACDP’s collateral piece “GOP Clown Car” featuring every Republican Presidential candidate that had announced in 2015 received a Pollie for the “Best Non-Mail Brochure.”
This piece again used humor and cartoons to marry attractive design with important messaging.  When the brochure was created, the Republican field was 17 candidates strong and Trump was thought of as a rare oddity on the fringe of the conservative movement.  LACDP sought to remind voters that the same far right-wing ideology was shared by of all of the candidates in the race, no matter how moderate they may have seemed in comparison to Trump’s brash outbursts.
The piece highlights the outlandish remarks of every single GOP candidate.  As one reads through the bizarre quotes ranging from racially offensive comments, to climate change denial, to anti-worker sentiments, it becomes clear that no matter which of the clowns were to emerge from the car to be the GOP standard bearer in November, the Republican Party is out of touch with mainstream America.
LACDP’s campaign team was responsible for the production of these award-winning campaign materials, including Chair Eric C. Bauman, Executive Director Adam Seiden, former Director of Communications and Political Affairs Clark Lee, Director of Digital Media Danny Leserman, Graphic Designer Deana Igelsrud, Graphic Artist Benton Jew, former Political Director Vannarith Tamom, former Research Intern Vicky Yu, and Communications Consultant Jeremy Roseman.
Founded in 1969, the AAPC is a nonprofit organization of political professionals from the local level to the White House, transcending the labels of political parties. Esquire magazine has dubbed the Pollies “…the Oscars of political advertising.”  For more information on the Pollie Awards, visit the AAPC website at

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