LACDP 2019-2021 DSCC Vacancy Election

Rosalba Gonzalez August 8, 2019 0

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) has 269 slots in its delegation to the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) for the 2019-2021 term. Due to membership terminations and resignations, we have a very small number of vacancies in our delegation. LACDP will hold an election to fill the vacancies in our delegation at the LACDP Meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

LACDP will elect members to the DSCC at the LACDP Meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2019. Only those WHO ARE NO DSCC Members whether as current DSCC Members via the LACDP, Appointed by an Elected Official, or via the ADem Elections and are current LACPD Members are eligible. 

To be eligible to run for the DSCC, you must be a Regular or Alternate Member of LACDP, whose dues are paid in full or who has been granted a dues waiver and should not already be a member of the DSCC by other means.

Current Number of Vacancies: 4

Current LACDP DSCC Candidates as of August 9, 2019

Regular Members: 

Tony Diaz
Florencio Briones
Jeff Ebenstein
Gloria I. Gonzalez
Ana Guerrero
Nancy Pearlman
Raymond Waters

Alternate Members:
As there are more than 5 eligible Regular Members who applied, there must be an election among those candidates, and none of the Alternates who applied may be elected.


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