Attorney General Jeff Sessions is Suing California. Bring it.

Danny Leserman March 7, 2018 0

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzalez released the following statement following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department decision to sue the State of California over its Sanctuary State laws:

“We would consider being concerned about this lawsuit if the Trump administration had a history of winning in court, but we all know their record. While Trump and the GOP continue mischaracterizing sanctuary cities and states as havens for criminals, we that live in sanctuary states know that these laws keep everyone safe, not just undocumented immigrants. California has the power of ‘right’ on its side, and we are not afraid. We are proud to live in a state where anyone can call the authorities to report a crime or incident without fear of getting deported, and where DREAMers, immigrants, and all people are treated with the humanity they deserve regardless of their immigration status.

“Californians have spoken loud and clear that we refuse to live in a police-state where federal authorities can walk around demanding to see anyone’s papers, especially when they will most definitely be using racial profiling in their tactics. We are confident in the constitutionality of California’s sanctuary state laws and we join our local, state, and legislative officials in fighting tooth and nail to defend them and all of Los Angeles’ and California’s residents.”


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