CEO Watch: Tony Strickland, Vice President of Phony Enterprises, LLC: Part 2

clarklee October 28, 2010 1

Strickland’s phony company struggles to maintain a front just long enough to fool voters in the November elections

Tony Strickland’s friends and campaign allies at GreenWave, LLC, are struggling to keep their paper company in business just long enough to pull the wool over voters’ eyes one more time.

The setup of Strickland’s phony company is laughable: GreenWave’s application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was found to be “deficient” because it lacked any meaningful details indicating which technology GreenWave would use to generate energy, and did not list any serious funding sources for the large capital investment such a venture would require. (Surfrider Foundation, Motion to Intervene, 2/5/2009)

After failing to file required documentation with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in June of this year, GreenWave, LLC, was given 30-day notice until the preliminary business license it held would be revoked, and Tony Strickland’s sham title of “Alternative Energy Executive” he used on the 2008 ballot would become an outright lie rather than simply a very tall tale. (Letter from FERC, 6/21/2010)

A recent letter sent by GreenWave to the FERC asks for an extension on the filing until late October, trying to buy just enough time for voters to not notice when the company is forced to dissolve because it does not actually conduct the business activity which the filing would need to detail. (Request for Extension, 7/22/2010, or see PDF here)

“The truth is: Tony Strickland has proven himself to be a totally untrustworthy ‘businessman’ and even more deceitful politician. He and his allies are attempting to dupe both the voters and the federal government to bluff his way into statewide office. If this is how dishonestly he conducts his personal and political affairs, how can California trust him with our state’s money?” said Eric C. Bauman, Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.


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