We Demand the Resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Danny Leserman March 2, 2017 0

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement demanding the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

“Jeff Sessions lied under oath and looked his colleagues in the United States Senate in the eyes while doing it. He can’t sugarcoat his lies, and he can’t spin what this says about the Trump/Sessions Justice Department’s commitment to the rule of law.  If Republicans in Congress had any sense of morality or courage, they’d impeach Jeff Sessions. If President Trump had any sense of shame, he’d fire Jeff Sessions, and if Jeff Sessions had any respect for the people of the United States, he’d resign immediately and humbly apologize for lying under oath.
“But Congressional Republicans have no morals or courage, just like Donald Trump has no shame, and just like Jeff Sessions has no respect for the American people or rule of law. The only thing Jeff Sessions does have respect for is the power he has as Attorney General to fulfill his old segregationist dreams of rolling back five decades of civil rights advances. That’s why his priorities are to target African American, Muslim and Transgender Americans while turning a blind eye to white supremacists, right wing subversives and election tampering from a foreign power.
“Nancy Pelosi asked yesterday, ‘what are the Republicans trying to hide?’ Well, it’s beyond clear that they’re trying to hide the fact that the Russians hacked the elections and have thoroughly compromised the Trump administration. Every day that Jeff Sessions continues to serve as Attorney General acts as a mockery of the very idea of justice, and he should resign immediately. Failing that, Republicans in Congress should demand a special prosecutor to establish once and for all how far Russian influence extends into the American government, beginning with the Attorney General who lied under oath to the United States Senate. 
Let’s make our voices heard: call the Attorney General’s office at 202.353.1555 and demand Jeff Sessions resign today.”

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