Endorsements – November 4, 2008 Elections

Endorsements and Results for the November 4, 2008 Elections

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Election results cited below are unofficial results as of November 24, 2008 and are subject to change pending the completion of vote counting.


WON – Proposition 1A YES – Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act
Vote Yes on Prop 1A to bring Californians a safe, convenient, affordable, and reliable alternative to soaring gasoline prices, freeway congestion, and rising airfares

WON – Proposition 2 YES – Stop Cruelty to Farm Animals
Vote Yes on Prop 2 to stop cruelty to farm animals to improve our health and food safety

WON – Proposition 3 – YES – Children’s Hospital Bond Act
Vote Yes on Prop 3 to help children’s hospitals build more capacity and acquire the latest technology to help all of our children without raising taxes

WON – Proposition 4 NO – Put Teens at Risk Act
Vote No on Prop 4 because it jeopardizes the health and safety of teenage girls and may create life-threatening risks

LOST – Proposition 5 – YES – Nonviolent Drug Offender Rehabilitation Act
Vote Yes on Prop 5 to help reduce prison overcrowding, save tax dollars, and rehabilitate young nonviolent offenders

WON – Proposition 6 NO – Ineffective Prison and Crime Reform
Vote No on Prop 6 because it threatens funds for other critical programs and disrupts existing crime prevention efforts

WON – Proposition 7 – NO – Another Costly and Risky Energy Scheme
Vote No on Prop 7 – it’s bankrolled by an out-of-state billionaire; it will disrupt renewable energy development, drive out small energy businesses, cause higher bills, and may lead to another energy crisis

LOST – Proposition 8 – NO – Don’t Eliminate Marriage for Anyone
Vote No on Prop 8 and stop the attempt to take away the constitutional right of same-sex couples to marry

LOST – Proposition 9 – NO – Misguided and Unnecessary Prison Reform
Vote No on Prop 9 because it’s an expensive, unnecessary initiative that duplicates current victims’ rights laws and increases taxpayers’ expense

PASSED – Proposition 10 – NEUTRAL – Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy Bond

LOST – Proposition 11 NO – Stop Another Political Power Grab!
Prop 11 is a deceitful political shell game with a hidden agenda that creates a complicated and unrepresentative redistricting process and is primarily funded by Republicans

WON – Proposition 12 YES – Veteran’s Bond Act of 2008
Vote Yes on Prop 12 to keep California’s promise to veterans by helping them obtain low-interest home loans with no taxpayer expense

CANDIDATES (* Incumbent)

U.S. Congress
LOST – CD 25 Jackie Conaway
LOST – CD 26 Russ Warner
WON – CD 27 Brad Sherman*
WON – CD 28 Howard Berman*
WON – CD 29 Adam Schiff*
WON – CD 30 Henry Waxman*
WON – CD 31 Xavier Becerra*
WON – CD 32 Hilda Solis*
WON – CD 33 Diane Watson*
WON – CD 34 Lucille Roybal-Allard*
WON – CD 35 Maxine Waters*
WON – CD 36 Jane Harman*
WON – CD 37 Laura Richardson*
WON – CD 38 Grace Napolitano*
WON – CD 39 Linda Sanchez*
LOST – CD 42 Edwin Chau
LOST – CD 46 Debbie Cook

State Senate
LOST – SD 17 Bruce McFarland
PENDING – SD 19 Hannah-Beth Jackson
WON – SD 21 Carol Liu
WON – SD 23 Fran Pavley
WON – SD 25 Rod Wright
WON – SD 27 Alan Lowenthal*
LOST – SD 29 Joseph Lyons

State Assembly
LOST – AD 36 Linda Jones
LOST – AD 37 Ferial Masry
LOST – AD 38 Carole Lutness
WON – AD 39 Felipe Fuentes*
WON – AD 40 Bob Blumenfield
WON – AD 41 Julia Brownley*
WON – AD 42 Mike Feuer*
WON – AD 43 Paul Krekorian*
WON – AD 44 Anthony Portantino*
WON – AD 45 Kevin De Leon*
WON – AD 46 John A. Perez
WON – AD 47 Karen Bass*
WON – AD 48 Mike Davis*
WON – AD 49 Mike Eng*
WON – AD 50 Hector De La Torre*
WON – AD 51 Curren Price*
WON – AD 52 Isadore Hall
WON – AD 53 Ted Lieu*
WON – AD 54 Bonnie Lowenthal
WON – AD 55 Warren Furutani*
WON – AD 56 Tony Mendoza*
WON – AD 57 Ed Hernandez*
WON – AD 58 Charles Calderon*
LOST – AD 59 Don Williamson
LOST – AD 60 Diane Singer
WON – AD 61 Norma Torres

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
WON – Dist. 2 Mark Ridley-Thomas

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judges
WON – Office No. 72 Hilleri Grossman Merritt
LOST – Office No. 82 Cynthia Loo
LOST – Office No. 84 Lori-Ann C. Jones
LOST – Office No. 94 C. Edward Mack
LOST – Office No. 154 Rocky L. Crabb

Alhambra City Council
LOST – Dist. 4 Efren Moreno

Beach Cities Health District Board
WON – Marie Corr
WON – Robert Grossman
WON – Vanessa Poster*

Central Basin Municipal Water District Board
WON – Div. 4 Rudy Montalvo*
LOST – Div. 5 Mason Buchanan Inocentes

Downey City Council
WON – Dist. 5 Luis Marquez

Pomona Mayor and City Council
WON – Mayor Elliott Rothman
WON – Dist. 1 Danielle Soto
LOST – Dist. 4 Primo Castro
LOST – Dist. 6 Danilet “Dani” Querubin

San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board
WON – Div. 3 Joseph Reichenberger

Santa Monica City Council
WON – Richard Bloom*
WON – Ken Genser*
WON – Bobby Shriver*
LOST – Ted Winterer

Santa Monica Community College Board
WON – Susan Aminoff*
WON – Margaret Quinones-Perez*
WON – Rob Rader*

Santa Monica-Malibu School Board
WON – Ben Allen
PENDING – Chris Bley
WON – Maria Leon-Vasquez*
WON – Ralph Mechur* (2-year term)

Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board
WON – Div. 2 Charles Trevino

Water Replenishment District of Southern California Board
LOST – Div. 2 Peter Manghera
LOST – Div. 5 Linda Unruh Fuentes

West Basin Municipal Water District Board
Div. 3 No Endorsement
WON – Div. 5 Don Dear*


Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District
WON – Measure CFYES – School Improvement Bond

Alhambra Unified School District
WON – Measure MM
YES – Neighborhood Elementary Schools Health, Safety and Repair Bond

City of Beverly Hills
PENDING – Measure H
NO – Revitalization of Beverly Hilton Hotel Site

Beverly Hills Unified School District
WON – Measure EYES – School Safety, Security and Repair Bond

Bonita Unified School District
WON – Measure AB
YES – Building for Student Success Improvement Bond

Centinela Valley Union High School District
WON – Measure CVYES – Centinela High School Improvement Bond

City of Commerce
PENDING – Recall NO – Recall of Mayor Tina Baca Del Rio
WON – RecallNO – Recall of Councilmember Robert Fierro

City of El Monte
LOST – Measure GGNO – Essential City Services Preservation and Protection Sales and Use Tax

El Monte City Elementary School District
WON – Measure KCYES – El Monte Elementary School Repair and Upgrade Measure Bond

El Monte Union High School District
PASSED – Measure D – NEUTRAL – School Improvement Bond

El Segundo Unified School District
WON – Measure MYES – School Improvement Bond

City of Hawthorne
WON – Measure VYES – Communication Users Tax

City of Inglewood
WON – Measure UUTYES – Communications Users Tax Rate Reduction and Modernization

City of Lakewood
WON – Measure L
YES – Telephone Users Tax Update

City of Long Beach
WON – Measure GYES – Telephone Users Tax Update
WON – Measure IYES – Funding for Bond Repayment

Long Beach Unified School District
WON – Measure KYES – Classroom Repair, Student Safety Bond

City of Los Angeles
WON – Proposition AYES – Gang & Youth Violence Prevention, After-School and Job Training Programs Parcel Tax
WON – Proposition BYES – Update of Low Rent Housing Authorization

Los Angeles Community College District
WON – Measure JYES – Local Community College Classroom Repair, Public Safety, Nursing and Job Training Bond

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
WON – Measure RYES – Traffic Relief, Rail Extensions, Reduction of Foreign Oil Dependence Half-Cent Sales Tax Increase

Los Angeles County – Unincorporated Areas
WON – Measure UYES – Utility Users’ Tax Continuation

Los Angeles Unified School District
WON – Measure QYES – Safe, Healthy Neighborhood Schools Bond

City of Lynwood
LOST – Measure CNO – Term Limits
WON – Measure IIYES – Ratification of Existing Utility User’s Tax

Manhattan Beach Unified School District
WON – Measure BBYES – Mira Costa High School Rehabilitation Bond

City of Maywood
WON – Measure MCNO – Transactions and Use Tax

Mt. San Antonio Community College District
WON – Measure RRYES – Classroom Repair, Education Improvement, Public Safety, Job Training

Pasadena Unified School District
WON – Measure TTYES – School Improvements Bond

City of Pico Rivera
WON – Measure PYES – The Pico Rivera City Services Protection Measure (Sales Tax Increase)

City of Pomona
LOST – Measure PCYES – Temporary Utility User Tax Increase

Pomona Unified School District
WON – Measure PSYES – School Improvement Bond

City of Redondo Beach
FAILED – Measure DD – NEUTRAL – Voter Approval of Specified Changes in Allowable Land Use
PENDING – Measure EE – NEUTRAL – Voter Approval for Changes in Land Use/Development Standards

City of Rosemead
WON – Measure CCNO – City Charter Adoption

Rosemead Elementary School District
WON – Measure OYES – School Improvement Bond

City of San Gabriel
WON – Measure SGNO – Utility Users Tax Amendment

Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District
WON – Measure SYES – Removal of “Salt-Based” Water Softeners

City of Santa Monica
LOST – Proposition TYES – Commercial Development Limits
WON – Proposition SMYES – Telecommunications Tax

Santa Monica Community College District
WON – Measure AAYES – Santa Monica College Career and Educational Improvements Bond

City of South Pasadena
WON – Measure SP
YES – Amended Redevelopment Plan for Downtown Revitalization

Torrance Unified School District
WON – Measure YYES – School Safety and Core Academic Facilities Bond
WON – Measure ZYES – Education Upgrades Bond

Victor Valley Community College District
WON – Measure JJYES – Victor Valley College Public Safety, Health Care Job Training Bond

Westside Union Elementary School District
WON – Measure WSYES – School Improvement Bond

Whittier Union High School District
WON – Measure WYES – School Improvement Bond

William S. Hart Union High School District
WON – Measure SAYES – School Improvement Bond

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