Endorsements – November 3, 2009 Local Elections

November 3, 2009 Election Results

Note: Election results below reflect current certified results. For the latest election results, click here to visit the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s website.

CANDIDATES (*Incumbent) – Updated 12/10/09


Artesia City Council
Victor Manalo* – WON

Baldwin Park Mayor
Ricardo Pacheco – LOST

Baldwin Park City Council
Susan Rubio – WON

Bell Gardens City Council (Recount Requested 11/30/09, Action Pending)
Daniel Crespo* – WON
Priscilla Flores* – WON

El Monte Mayor
Andre Quintero – WON

El Monte City Council
Norma Macias – WON

Hawaiian Gardens City Council
Donald W. Rowe – LOST
Grant Winford – LOST

Hawthorne Mayor
Larry Guidi* – WON

Hawthorne City Council
Alexandre Monteiro – LOST

Hermosa Beach City Council
Jeff Duclos – WON
Howard Fishman – WON
Michael Keegan* – LOST

La Puente City Council
David Argudo – WON
Louie Lujan* – WON

Lynwood City Council
Walter Lopez LOST
Jim Morton*- WON

Maywood City Council
Felipe Aguirre* – WON
Oscar Magana – LOST

Montebello City Council
Arturo “Art” Barajas – WON
Frank Gomez – WON
William “Bill” Molinari* – WON

Palmdale City Council
Warren Wilson – LOST

Pico Rivera City Council
David Armenta* – WON
Pete Ramirez – LOST

Santa Fe Spring City Council
Louie Gonzalez* – WON
Lillian Carrillo Puentes – LOST

South El Monte City Council
Blanca Figueroa – LOST
Joe Gonzales* – WON

West Covina City Council
Coleen Rozatti – LOST
Fredrick Sykes – LOST

Community College Districts

Antelope Valley Community College District
Robert Alvarado – LOST

Cerritos Community College District
Carmen Avalos* – LOST
Tom Chavez – LOST
Shin Liu – WON

Compton Community College District, District 1
Skyy Fisher – LOST

Compton Community College District, District 2
Olivia Verrett – LOST

Compton Community College District, District 4 (Unexpired Term)
Deborah Sims Leblanc – WON

Pasadena Area Community College District, Area 1
Steven Gibson – LOST

Pasadena Area Community College District, Area 3
Consuelo “Connie Rey” Castro* – LOST

Rio Hondo College District, District 1
Norma Garcia – WON

Rio Hondo College District, District 3
Angela Acosta-Salazar* – WON

Rio Hondo College District, District 5
Michelle Yanez-Jimenez – LOST

Irrigation District

Palmdale Water Irrigation District, Division 5
Dave Gomez* – LOST

School Districts

ABC Unified School District
Mark Pulido* – WON

Baldwin Park Unified School District
Olga Morales – LOST
Teresa Vargas – WON

Beverly Hills Unified School District
Jake Manaster – WON

Castaic Union School District
Seher Awan – LOST
Susan Christopher – WON
John Zaring – LOST

Compton Unified School District
Paulette Simpson-Gipson – LOST

Culver City Unified School District
Karlo Silbiger – WON
Kathy Paspalis – WON
Robert Zirgulis – LOST

El Monte City School District
Jayne Iberri* – LOST
Roberto Salcedo* – WON
Edward Zuniga – WON

El Monte Union High School District
Ben Escobedo – LOST
Carlos Salcedo* – WON
John Tran – WON

El Rancho Unified School District
Lorraine De La O – LOST

Garvey School District
Robert “Bob” Bruesch* – WON
Anthony “Tony” Ramos – WON

Hawthorne School District
Nilo Michelin* – WON

Hermosa Beach City School District
Ray Waters – WON

Lancaster School District
Kermit Franklin – LOST

Lennox School District
Marisol Cruz* – WON

Lynwood Unified School District
Nancy Montes – LOST

Montebello Unified School District
Edwin Chau* – WON
Carlos Morales Illingworth – LOST

Newhall School District
Christy Smith – WON

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District
Darryl Rodney Adams – WON
Jesse Urquidi – LOST
Ana Valencia* – WON

Paramount Unified School District
Maritza Romero – LOST

Pomona Unified School District
Frank Guzman – LOST
Robert Torres – LOST

Pomona Unified School District (Unexpired Term)
Nancy Ann Matarrita – LOST

San Gabriel Unified School District
Philip Hu – WON
Denise Menchaca* – WON
Matthew Stadtler – WON

South Whittier School District
Jorge S. Hernandez – WON

Torrance Unified School District
Al Muratsuchi* – WON

Walnut Valley Unified School District
Helen Hall* – WON

West Covina Unified School District
Michael Flowers – LOST
Eileen Jimenez – WON

Westside Union School District
Linda K. Jones* – WON

Water Districts

Newhall County Water District
Michael Cruz – LOST
Maria Gutzeit* – WON

Orchard Dale Water District
Estela Machorro – LOST

Pico Water District
Victoria Galarza – LOST

Valley County Water District
Ken Woods – LOST


Artesia City
Measure S – Support – PASSED – Increase of transient occupancy tax
Measure Y – Oppose – FAILED – Increase of business license taxes

Culver City Unified School District
Measure EE – Support – PASSED – Levy of annual parcel tax of $96 for 5 years; seniors exempt

El Monte City
Measure P
– Support – FAILED – Replacing elected mayor and four elected council members with five elected council members and rotating mayor position (effective November 2011, if passed)
Measure RR – Oppose – FAILED – Overnight parking regulatory program (Advisory vote)

Huntington Park City
Measure E – Support – PASSED – Increase utility users’ and communications users’ tax by 2.75% for city services

Long Beach Unified School District
Measure T – Support – FAILED – The Classroom Teacher, Student Safety, and Education Measure – Levy of $92 annual parcel tax for 5 years, seniors exempt

Maywood City
Measure MS – Support – FAILED – Allow Los Angeles Unified School District to acquire land by negotiated sale or eminent domain to build new South Region No. 8 High School (Advisory vote)
Measure SC – Support – PASSED – Request Los Angeles Unified School District to fully and adequately investigate selection of other sites for constructing new South Region No. 8 High School (Advisory vote)

Montebello City
Measure M – Support – PASSED – Requiring 55% voter approval to preserve legal control over the city’s fire and police services before services may be performed by other public entities

Palmdale City
Measure CH – Neutral – PASSED – Adopt a city charter to allow local control of municipal affairs

Pico Rivera City
Measure TR
– Support – PASSED – Utility users tax decrease by 0.5%

Pomona City
Measure PC – Support – PASSED – Continuation of telecommunications utility users tax

Rancho Palos Verdes City
Measure TOT – Support – FAILED – Increase existing transient occupancy tax from 10% to 12%

Redondo Beach City
Measure UU – Support – FAILED – Utility users tax on electrical plant owned by corporation that pays no utility tax

Santa Clarita Valley Unincorporated Communities
Measure A – Neutral – PASSED – Remain Unincorporated – Having areas in the unincorporated Santa Clarita Valley remain in unincorporated Los Angeles County (Advisory vote)
Measure B – Neutral – FAILED – Incorporate into New City – Having areas in the unincorporated Santa Clarita Valley be incorporated into new separate city (Advisory vote)
Measure C – Neutral – PASSED – Annex into Santa Clarita City – Having areas in the unincorporated Santa Clarita Valley annexed into Santa Clarita City (Advisory vote)

South El Monte City
Measure SE – Oppose – PASSED – Term of office of mayor be four years

South Pasadena City
Measure L – Support – PASSED – Extension of Library Special Tax for additional 5 years

West Covina City
Measure D – Support – FAILED – Electing city council members by districts

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