FCC Votes to Repeal All Net Neutrality Laws

Danny Leserman December 14, 2017 0

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzalez released the following statement on the FCC’s vote to repeal all Net Neutrality laws:

“Despite what those paid by telecom giants say, Net Neutrality keeps the internet competitive so that ideas, products, and services are distributed in what is one of the most successful examples of the free market in human history. By destroying Net Neutrality, the FCC, the Trump administration, and the GOP say they are against keeping the free market free if their corporate megadonors can make more money by getting rid of it.

“Not a single consumer who knows what Net Neutrality does is for getting rid of it because not a single individual can possibly benefit from its repeal unless they are a multinational internet service provider.

“If Congress lets this stand, we will end up paying more for internet access that is identical or worse than what is currently available. Those most affected will be the middle and working class Americans who will no longer be able to afford complete access to the internet because internet service providers will be able to charge extra for certain websites and capabilities. Ending Net Neutrality is a disgusting method of hurting the working class so giant corporations can rake in ever bigger profits.

“Our economy was created under the guidelines of a free market, with a government whose role is to step in and intervene to fix market failures that impede on a healthy economy. One example of these market failures is when a set of companies become so powerful that they can inhibit the free flow of information. After Comcast decided to charge more to Netflix for no reason other than it was popular, President Obama instituted Net Neutrality, which were a set of laws that kept internet service providers from restricting the flow of information or creating fast channels for those who pay more for it. Now that the GOP’s FCC is getting rid of it, the freedom we all had to access all parts of the internet equally will end.”

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