Happy New Year from LACDP

Danny Leserman December 31, 2014 0

As we pause to say goodbye to 2014, awaiting the stroke of midnight to welcome 2015′s arrival, it is worth looking back at the many successes that California Democrats achieved – even as our brothers and sisters across the nation faced an unstoppable red tide.

Because we stuck to our values, our belief in people and delivered a vibrant and progressive message, rather than running from our beliefs and accomplishments, we held every statewide office, returned significant majorities to both houses of the state legislature and even gained a congressional seat, despite the lowest voter turnout in decades.

As we reflect upon 2014, we are already looking forward to the battles before us in 2015 and 2016 and the work we must do to make California an even deeper shade of blue. The path to victory lies with you. Your commitment to our Party, our platform and a positive progressive future are exactly what we need going forward. Let us quickly reboot, recharge our batteries and engage in the coming year with optimism, energy and hope.

May your New Year be one of happiness, health and peace.

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