Happy New Year from LA Democrats!

Danny Leserman January 2, 2018 0

Happy New Year! As we look forward to a fruitful 2018 and as we look back at how LACDP hit the ground running when I was first elected Chair, I am excitedly anticipating what the future holds for the Democratic Party in Los Angeles, California, and the United States.

Since October, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party worked tirelessly to elect good Democrats to local positions throughout the county, and helped Wendy Carrillo become California’s newest Assemblymember. In the last three months we’ve also registered hundreds of new citizens to vote at the naturalization ceremonies in Los Angeles, broadening our Democratic base so it continues to be strengthened.

LACDP is an organization known throughout the country for its successes, and that success comes through its people. This is why we were invited to present our views and methods at Caifornia Young Democrats and the CDP Executive Board. Without the members of LACDP, none of this would be possible. Our progressive horizon is brighter than ever, but we rely on each other every step of the way.

We are going to be instrumental in regaining a majority in the House of Representatives by taking out people like Steve Knight in 2018. We are going to be the road-block that helps stop the disastrous GOP policies. We are going to continue to be integral in stopping the “border-wall” and mass deportations, in making sure our healthcare doesn’t get ripped away from under us, and in ensuring that entire religions do not get banned from entering our great nation.

But as important as blocking the GOP’s divisive tactics are, it is imperative to push policies and candidates who will make our society shine and show the world that good progressive policies are best for everyone, not just that the GOP tactics are inherently detrimental. We are going to continue to fight for higher wages and quality healthcare for all. We are going to continue to fight for a pathway to citizenship for any who want it, and we are going to use every resource at our disposal to ensure that Democrats who will make it all happen are elected to office.

Together, we will make 2018 one of the most successful years for Democratic progressive politics than at any point in our history.

In Unity,

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Mark Gonzalez
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

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