2018 Roosevelt Democrats of the Year

AD 36: Maureen M. Hendren and Wade Alexander
AD 38: Patti Suplizio and Rick Eaton
AD 39: Assemblymember Luz Rivas and Sean Rivas
AD 41: Kathleen Patterson and Larry Spicer
AD 43: Page Williams and Nick Schultz
AD 44: Sue Weinstein and Jay Kapitz
AD 45: Andra Hoffman and Cary Brown
AD 46: Maria Skelton and Larry Gross
AD 48: Demimarie Castrejon and Johnny Yoder
AD 49: Adele Andrade-Stadler and Sean McMorris
AD 50: Jessica Yas and Jon Katz
AD 51: Maggie Darett Quiorez and Bennett Kayser
AD 52: Delana Taylor-Martin and Arturo Jiménez
AD 53: Karina Macias and Héctor Huezo
AD 54: Rebecca Rona-Tuttle and Paul Hill
AD 55: Olivia Lee and Gregg Fritchle
AD 57: Lizette Escobedo and Henry Huerta
AD 58: Jennifer Elliott and Lee Tipton
AD 59: Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Boris Ricks
AD 62: Ellen Bridle and Bill Thomas
AD 63: Mary Zalava and Ricardo Lara
AD 64: Lori Noflin and Minister Mac Shorty
AD 66: Nichelle Henderson and Reggie Jue
AD 70: Sharon Weissman and Thomas Butler

2018 Pat Eastman Volunteers of the Year
Commisioner Marilyn Grunwald – Bob Forshay

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