International Women’s Day 2018

Danny Leserman March 8, 2018 0


What a time to honor women. Ever since the misogynist-in-chief was sworn in to the Oval Office, women – especially women of color who have much more ground to cover in the fight for equality – around the world have taken it upon themselves to fight for progress on their own terms, and that progress has been astounding to observe.

Women are coming together to march for gender parity, speaking out against sexual assault and harassment, and forcing the world to have a conversation it otherwise would have been too “uncomfortable” to have on its own. This International Women’s Day, we take the time to recognize the progress made by all those before us, and the progress being made currently, while knowing that we must never let up in our ultimate quest for gender equality.

The women of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party are standing strong with all those who press for progress and equality. Only together can we truly reach that ultimate goal. As First Lady Michelle Obama said, “There is so much history yet to be made.”

Bobbie Jean Anderson
Vice Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Patt Sanders
Corresponding Secretary, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Olivia Lee
Recording Secretary, Los Angeles County Democratic Party


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