LACDP 2009 Resolutions

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2009 December Resolutions

Opposing Governor’s Appointment of Lieutenant Governor

2009 October Resolutions

Supporting the NBC General Contractors Workers Fight Against Wage Theft
California Majority Rule Initiative
Analyzing Cost Saving to Communities by Providing Healthcare for All
Support State’s Rights for Single Payer Health Care

2009 September Resolutions

Retain University of California Autonomy
Support Legal Challenge of Governor’s Line Item Veto

2009 August Resolution

Clean Campaign Resolution

2009 July Resolutionss

Condemning Voter Registration Fraud
Replace the Death Penalty with Permanent Imprisonment
Resolution in Support of Victims of Age Discrimination
Spending of Federal Economic Renewal Grants to California
Support for Irish Reunification
Supporting A Public Option in Healthcare Reform

2009 June Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Unionization
Resolution on the California State Budget
Support for California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno

2009 May Resolutions

Fully Funding the 2010 Census
Supporting Inclusion of Sexual Orientation and LGBT Couples in the Federal Census
Restore the Economic Safety-Net

2009 April Resolutions

Divest Investments in Businesses and Countries Giving Support to Genocide
Reform the California Budget Process
Resolution Calling for the Impeachment of Judge Jay Bybee
Support Financial Assistance to Farmers Who Wish to Transition Their Farms From Conventional to Certified Organic
Resolution Opposing Texas State Rep. Betty Brown’s Racially Insensitive Remarks

2009 March Resolutions

Opposing Privatization of Social Security and Medicare
Resolution on Proposed NFL Football Stadium in City of Industry
Resolution to Establish A “Pecora” Commission to Investigate the Collapse of the Financial System
State’s Rights to Pass More Stringent Environmental Laws
Resolution in Support of Green Energy
Resolution in Support of Split Roll Property Tax

2009 February Resolutions

Expressing Thanks to President Obama for His Review of Bush Policies
Resolution Supporting Protection of a National Sacred Trust

2009 January Resolutions

Resolution in Support of TARP Accountability
Resolution to Repeal/Challenge Prop 8
Resolution Supporting a Declaration of Principles for a Presidential Executive Order on Prisoner Treatment, Torture and Cruelty

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