LACDP 2011 Resolutions

Rosalba Gonzalez February 19, 2019 0


2011 November Resolutions

Resolution on County Central Committee Elections – California Elections Code

2011 October Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Occupy Los Angeles

2011 September Resolutions

Resolution on Timely FEMA Funding
Resolution in Support of a Clean Energy Future for Los Angeles
Resolution in Support of Kaiser Permanente Workers’ Strike
Resolution on Property in West Los Angeles Given to the Federal Government for Use by Veterans

2011 August Resolutions

Resolution on Preserving Two Year Registered Nurse and One Year Licensed Vocational Nurse Programs
Resolution to Support Federal Efforts to Require Internet-Only Retailer to Collect Sales Tax

2011 July Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Grocery Workers
Resolution on Endorsing Non-Democrats
Resolution Opposing Racism and Homophobia
Resolution Opposing the Weakening of Social Security

2011 June Resolutions

Moving California Forward
Resolution on Neutralizing Osama bin Ladin
Resolution Supporting the Elimination of Los Angeles Community College District Runoff Elections

2011 May Resolutions

Resolution Asking the City of Cerritos to Rescind Action
Resolution in Support of Fair and Timely Collective Bargaining

2011 April Resolution

Resolution on Protecting Public Libraries

2011 March Resolutions

Resolution Calling for the Conversion of All Death Sentences in California to Life Without the Possibility of Parole
Resolution Opposing Rollback of Public Employees’ Collective Bargaining Rights
Resolution To Preserve a Strong Democratic Community
Resolution Concerning the Treatment of Bradley Manning

2011 February Resolutions

Resolution Concerning EPA Policy and Mountaintop Removal
Resolution Concerning Assault Weapons and Extended Clip Ban
Resolution in Support of Californians for A Fresh Start – Term Limit Reform for California Legislature

2011 January Resolution

Resolution to Ensure that Veteran’s Educational Benefits Produce Positive Results

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