LACDP 2014 Resolutions

Rosalba Gonzalez February 19, 2019 0

2014 October Resolutions

Resolution Condemning State Senator Steve Knight for Voting Against Banning the Display and Sale of the Battle Flag of the Confederacy in California

2014 September Resolutions

Resolution on Fixing the Silent Hold
Resolution on Scholl Canyon Dump
Resolution Supporting Appeal of Vergara v. California
Resolution Supporting Renegotiation or Termination of Interest Rate Swap Deals in the City of Los Angeles

2014 June Resolutions

Resolution on Helping People Get the Medical Equipment They Need
Resolution on Keeping Social Security Offices Open
Resolution Opposing the Confirmation of Michael Boggs
Resolution on Repealing the Ban on General Election Write-Ins
Resolution on Restoring the Rights of California Homebrewers
Resolution on Santa Susana Field Laboratory Cleanup

2014 April Resolutions

Resolution on North Korean Crimes Against Humanity
Resolution on Obamacare for the Undocumented

2014 March Resolutions

Resolution Supporting Normal Relations with Cuba

2014 February Resolutions

Resolution to Oppose Building on the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve
Resolution Supporting President Obama on Iran Negotiations

2014 January Resolutions

Resolution on Preserving the Ballona Wetlands Reserve
Resolution Supporting Both a District-Based Voting System and Moving City Elections from April to November in the City of Whittier

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