LACDP Chair Files Legal Challenge Against Dan Schnur’s Ballot Designation

Nik Swiatek March 26, 2014 0

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman has filed a Writ of Mandate petition challenging Secretary of State candidate Dan Schnur’s ballot designation for the 2014 statewide election.

In the pleading filed with the Sacramento County Superior Court, Bauman states that Schnur is attempting to use the misleading ballot designation “Political Reform Advocate,” which is impermissible because it does not describe his current profession as required by state law, and as described in his financial disclosure Form 700.

“As the former FPPC Chairman, we would hope that Mr. Schnur could at least follow state laws like those he was charged with enforcing. However, his attempt to misinform California voters with a deceptive ballot designation reveals his true colors. But I suppose we should expect more of these schemes over the next few months – after all, he doesn’t want voters to remember him as Republican Governor Pete Wilson’s chief media spokesperson and the mouthpiece for Proposition 187,” said Eric C. Bauman, Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

Bauman added, “We look forward to the Court granting a just decision that will make sure that California voters don’t fall for Schnur’s latest distortions and verbal gymnastics.”

Click here to view the legal pleading.

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