LACDP and Community College Students Protest GOP Shutdown

Nik Swiatek October 11, 2013 0

Nearly 75 community college students, faculty members, and Los Angeles County Democratic Party activists protested against the Republican obstructionism and the government shutdown in front of the California Republican Party Headquarters today in Burbank.

“The Republicans are focused on undermining President Obama and his plans to boost the economy and improve access to healthcare, while using the livelihood of the American people as bargaining chips. Speaker Boehner: stop holding us hostage and stop catering to the Tea Party extremist agenda. Put Americans first and end the shutdown now!” said Mark Gonzalez, Vice Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and a graduate of the community college system.

The GOP shutdown is forcing over 800,000 federal workers to be furloughed during the shutdown. Life-saving clinical trials at the National Institute of Health could turn new patients away, and veterans’ compensation claims may go unanswered.

“As a single mother, receiving Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) benefits have been extremely beneficial for me. Relying on the support of my mother who has a house to rent, bills to pay, and dependents to support, including myself, the $65 I receive monthly for formula was necessary. If the government continues to remain shut down, all mothers who are in the exact position I was last year would be undergoing a tremendous struggle just to keep their baby under the best health condition,” said Ambar Quintanilla, student at the Los Angeles Community College.

America is being held hostage by a group of far-right Republicans who are willing to destroy our government solely to score a political victory over President Obama.

Abraham Mata, a student at the Los Angeles Harbor College, said, “Since we are paying Congress to do their job and they’re not fulfilling their duties, the debt ceiling issue is out of control. If we reach default, it would be a big catastrophe. We urge Congress to establish a clean CR bill so we can move forward and reach a budget resolution.”

Andrew Lachman, community college lecturer and a Democratic National Committee Member, said, “The truth is: the GOP intransigence and extremism in not funding the government is hurting our students, our community colleges, and our neighborhoods. Speaker Boehner needs to be less of a follower of the Tea Party extremists and start funding our government for the sake of the American people.”

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