LACDP Response to 2019 State of the Union

Rosalba Gonzalez February 5, 2019 0

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Statement on
President Trump’s State of the Union Address

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark González released the following statement on President Trump’s State of the Union Address:

“President Trump’s State of the Union Address did little to unite this nation. He continues to believe that he can speak softly of unity while threatening with the big stick of government shutdown or a fake national emergency. Hurting our fellow Americans with another debilitating loss of income and undermining our real national security. 

Our greatness as Americans does not come from building walls or shutting down our government on a whim. While he tweets about an imaginary influx of dangerous immigrants at our borders, we have refugees who are fleeing the very crimes he speaks of. It is not illegal to seek asylum. And they should be received with compassion he speaks of for those looking to come into our country legally instead of getting an administration hostile and that cruelly tears apart families. 

We cannot compromise when Transgendered Men and Women can no longer serve our great country, we cannot compromise when Women’s Right to Choose is in peril, and we cannot compromise when voters are disenfranchised. We will not unite behind a President who will not address the actual challenges that face our nation. Finding real solutions to deadly threats to our students in schools, making higher education more affordable, and providing access to health care for all.

In 2020, Our nation will indeed choose greatness just the same way they did during these past Mid-Term Elections. Our fellow Americans chose hope over fear and rejected bigotry by coalescing and electing the most diverse class in Congress led by the #BlueWave. And in Los Angeles we will work to make that #BlueWave a #BlueTsunami in 2020.”

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