LACDP Sets the Record Straight in AD 46 and Reasserts Position That Democrats for Education Reform Must Cease Its Disregard for State Law

clarklee May 17, 2012 0

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement reaffirming LACDP’s stance that Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) must cease and desist illegally operating in Los Angeles County without a valid charter:

Democrats for Education Reform still doesn’t get it. The Los Angeles County Democratic Party’s cease and desist order is not an attack on individuals for their stance on any issue. It is a necessary challenge to an organization operating in California in violation of the California Elections Code by illegally using the name of the Democratic Party and misleading voters.

The independent expenditure that is promoting DFER’s endorsement is heavily funded by EdVoice and various conservative groups and Republican donors from outside the district. These organizations, like the super-PACs that are trying to buy the presidency for Mitt Romney, are flooding the 46th Assembly District with mailers designed to fool voters into believing that their candidate is endorsed by the Democratic Party. He is not. No candidate in this district has received the endorsement of the Democratic Party.

In light of the continued barrage of misleading mailers enabled by Democrats for Education Reform’s failure to comply with California law, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party is obliged to set the record straight and inform voters that DFER is not an official part of the Democratic Party, and that the Democratic Party is not supporting any candidate in the 46th Assembly District.

In addition, we must shed light on the conservative and Republican sources from outside the district that are funding the independent expenditures and promoting the misleading DFER endorsement. LACDP will also consider its further legal options against DFER.

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