LACDP Statement On Donald Trump’s First Speech to Congress

Danny Leserman February 28, 2017 0

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement following President Trump’s first address to Congress:

“While President Trump’s speech was supposed to have the grandeur of the state of the union, and while we expected it to be a campaign speech, his use of the teleprompter controlled his words, and while his message was very harsh, it was clearly crafted to take the sharp edges off while still delivering his same old message; a message devoid of facts and policy explanations that had no place in reality. The president’s policies and proposals, from the so-called ‘travel ban’ to the removal of the Affordable Care Act without a suitable replacement, are out of step with every day Americans. They endanger the social safety net and promote the military industrial complex at the expense of domestic policy.
“It is a trying time in humanity when we have to continuously remind ourselves that what our president is doing and proposing is not normal. Hard working Americans are in fear of his actions, which is why we see protests all across our country. President Trump did nothing to calm the fears of every day Americans during this speech, and chose to continue driving a wedge between the very people he swore to unite. We will continue to fight this hate and divisiveness, joining with our brothers and sisters across the nation, our members of congress and progressive-minded elected officials to protect and unite America, even while President Trump works to divide us.”

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