LACDP Statement on Earth Day 2011

clarklee April 21, 2011 0

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement on Earth Day 2011:

“Since April 22, 1970 – the day that many consider as the beginning of the modern environmental movement – people across the globe have been commemorating Earth Day each year.

“The Los Angeles County Democratic Party is proud to celebrate and join the call of Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green, a people-powered grassroots campaign to generate a billion acts of environmental advocacy and service by the June 2012 Earth Summit in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil – and we urge you to join us and heed the call.

“The moniker ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ has never been more fitting than it is today. In 2011, we need to look no further than the standard Republican talking points to see the grave threat America’s abundant natural resources face under the guise of deregulation and balancing the budget. From pushing for increased offshore oil drilling and nuclear energy in spite of recent disasters, to ignoring the scientific community’s broad consensus on climate change, the list of Republican attempts to harm our environment goes on and on.

“Democrats are leading the fight against Republicans and the corporate polluters they represent by protecting and preserving our natural resources for generations to come – and creating thousands of good-paying green jobs along the way. But our legislators in Sacramento and Washington, DC, can’t do it alone. They rely on support from each one of us to help ensure that our water is safe to drink, our air is clean to breathe, and our communities are sustainable – for our children and for generations to come.

“On behalf of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, we urge all Angelenos to join in heeding the call of Earth Day: A Billion Acts of Green. Please visit for details. And please take this time to refocus on the importance of electing candidates who will fight to protect our environment. Together, let’s preserve this planet we call home – one neighborhood at a time.”


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