LACDP Statement on Newly Released Job Growth Numbers

Nik Swiatek February 4, 2012 0

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following response on private sector job growth:

“Today’s report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that 243,000 jobs were created in January, continuing 23 straight months of private sector job growth under President Obama. Additionally, unemployment has fallen to 8.3% – its lowest rate in three years.

“When President Obama took office, the economy was in a state of collapse, and America was losing almost 800,000 jobs a month.  Millions of Americans were losing their financial security.  Under President Obama’s leadership, America has been on a steady path to recovery.  Most importantly, the President is fighting every day to strengthen our economic foundation.

“It’s not an easy task to undo eight years of Republican mismanagement in the White House and to battle the Republican obstruction and inaction in Congress.  The last thing we need is another out-of-touch, out-of-sync multi-millionaire Republican like Mitt Romney in the White House, who has no concern for the poor and will recklessly disregard the needs of everyday Americans, who are the backbone of our nation.

“Today, we have been given another example validating the change and hope we voted for four years ago when we elected President Obama.  We are prepared to fight and re-elect President Obama to continue leading America in the right direction.” 

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