LACDP Statement on the GOP Presidential Debate in Iowa

Danny Leserman January 29, 2016 0
Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement on the GOP PresidentialDebate hosted by Fox in Iowa:

“Tonight we saw that despite the absence of the GOP clown car ringleader from the debatestage, nothing has changed.  Instead of taking the opportunity to talk about real problems and solutions, showing real leadership, the clowns chose to reinforce just how out-of-touch their policy proposals are for everyday Americans.  If any of these buffoons make it to the White House, it will surely set us back decades.

“America needs a president who will continue the economic progress we have made, fight for meaningful immigration reform and healthcare for all, lead the effort to curb climate change, and ensure a secure nation.  That’s why a Democrat must win in November.”

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