LACDP Statements on Allegations Regarding CD 25 Candidate Lou Vince

Danny Leserman February 3, 2016 0
In reaction to this morning’s LA Weekly article highlighting that the California Democratic Party’s recently endorsed candidate in Congressional District 25 Lou Vince was sued for allegedly beating a black motorist during a traffic stop in 2000, the following statements were released:
Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following response:
“I am incredibly troubled by these allegations. We must evaluate the facts to understand what occurred. If accurate, the alleged actions are unacceptable for any police officer, especially one who is a Democratic candidate for Congress.
“Endorsements in Congressional races are determined by local delegates to the State Party, as part of the California Democratic Party’s endorsement process. I will confer with my colleagues in the leadership of the California Democratic Party, the California Democratic Party African American Caucus and the California Legislative Black Caucus to determine next steps.
“Although this is a California Democratic Party endorsement, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party will determine what if any independent actions it will take.”
California Democratic Party African American Caucus Chair Darren W. Parker said:
“As the Chair of California Democratic Party’s African American Caucus, I take matters like this with great seriousness. Our community is rife with justified anger and frustration over aggressive and often unlawful actions by police officers against African Americans, as evidenced by the ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice. I will work with both California Democratic Party and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party leadership to demand that we make an appropriate response.”
California Legislative Black Caucus Chair Isadore Hall, III, added:
“As Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus, I must make clear that this type of alleged behavior is unacceptable to the African American community and to the Democratic Party. It is just this type of activity that has lead to the Black Lives Matter movement spreading across our nation. I will join with my colleagues at the California Democratic Party and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party to demand a righteous and appropriate response.”

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