Los Angeles County Democratic Party Endorses AB 14: The California Disclose Act

Danny Leserman May 3, 2017 0
In a unanimous vote, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party endorsed AB 14, the California DISCLOSE Act.
Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement announcing the unanimous endorsement of AB 14, the California Disclose Act:

“It’s long past time that we get dark money out of politics. The battle between corporate interests and the public good is a long and difficult one, but we are lucky to live in California, with leaders who have the public’s interest at heart. On passage of AB 14, California will have unprecedented levels of transparency in political advertising, preventing corporate interests and billionaires from misleading voters about who pays for their political advertising.

“It is a privilege for the Los Angeles County Democratic Party to continue the fight for further government transparency, especially during these tumultuous times under our current ‘alternative White House administration.’ Let this send a message that good and transparent government is not just what the public wants and requires, but also the clearest path toward a successful government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”


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