Los Angeles County Democratic Party Mourns the Death of Stanley Sheinbaum

Danny Leserman September 1, 2016 0
Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement following the passing of Stanley Sheinbaum:
“Today we mourn the loss of Stanley Sheinbaum, the always-present Liberal Lion, whose absence will be felt strongly.  Throughout his life, Stanley was a fearless activist who never shied away from a challenge if he believed it might improve our community.
As Democrats, we are inspired by his devotion and service, which shone through his work ranging from helping negotiate political stability in the Middle East to leading efforts in changing the practices of our police system.  In times where unity was almost unforeseeable, Sheinbaum made significant strides to open dialogue and bridge racial and cultural divides.  His efforts will continue to have a distinct and lasting influence in Los Angeles and around the world. “

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