Los Angeles County Democratic Party Statement On The Indictment of Rep. Duncan Hunter and Margaret Hunter

Danny Leserman August 21, 2018 0

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzalez released the following statement on the indictment of Rep. Duncan Hunter and his wife Margaret Hunter for stealing $250,000 from campaign contributions for personal use:

“On most days, justice seems to crawl forward, but today it leaped forward. On the same day that Paul Manafort was found guilty on 8 felony charges and Michael Cohen pleads guilty to 8 counts of his own, Rep. Duncan Hunter and his wife Margaret were indicted for taking $250,000 in campaign donations for their own personal use.

“Undermining the rule of law seems to be a trend among high-ranking GOP government officials. I’m confident that our justice system will prevail in bringing to justice those who are attempting to undercut our elections and democracy. Democrats across the board are committed ensuring that the voters see through the Republican lies and hateful rhetoric come November 6, 2018 to elect a government that represents the people and constitution they swear an oath to.”


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