Los Angeles is Hosting the Olympics!

Danny Leserman August 3, 2017 0

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Vice Chair Mark Gonzalez released the following statement regarding the decision to host the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles:

“It is an international honor to once again receive the Olympics in Los Angeles. We are excited to draw attention to the culture, diversity, and industry that has made this city one of the treasures of the world. With the financial incentives provided, Los Angeles is in line to receive upgrades and expansions to major venues, social programs, and infrastructure along with substantive economic growth that will improve the quality of living for all working and middle class Angelenos. With all that comes from hosting the Olympics, Los Angeles has been provided an opportunity to show the international community that good-paying union jobs produce high-quality, exceptional results, and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party will be at the forefront advocating for their employment in preparation for the games.”

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