Make Pharmaceutical Companies More Responsible to Their Consumers

Danny Leserman September 12, 2017 0

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Vice Chairs Bobbie Jean Anderson and Mark Gonzalez released the following statement urging California State Senate to pass Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez’s bill, SB 17:

Upon passage of Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez’s bill SB 17, California will cross a major hurdle on the road toward transparency within the pharmaceutical industry. For years pharmaceutical companies have been playing ‘Monopoly’ with peoples’ healthcare by hiking drug prices with no warning or justification. We in the Los Angeles County Democratic Party are relieved that our Legislature is fighting on behalf of California’s residents and consumers by voting for SB 17, which would ensure that the residents of California will be warned in advance of any changes in drug pricing so they can effectively change their health care plans and financing accordingly.

“Now that SB 17 has passed through the Assembly with a super majority, it is back in the Senate for concurrence on amendments and is luckily expected to pass. And yet, it is still an issue that we are compelled to urge a stance on. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have been profiting off the backs of normal, hard-working people simply because they get sick. If and when this bill passes and is signed by Governor Brown, these corporations will have one less method for taking advantage of Californians and their need for quality health care and prescription drugs. We urge the Legislature, as strongly as we can, to not let the Martin Shkrelis of the world continue to immorally profit off the backs of those who are ill and vote in the affirmative for SB 17.”

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