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Membership on the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP), also known as the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, is determined by the By-Laws of LACDP. These members make up the official governing body of the Democratic Party in Los Angeles County.

If you have any questions or if you need assistance, please contact the LACDP office at 213.382.0063.

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Elected Member: Are (7) members who are elected from each Assembly District of Los Angeles County during Presidential Primary Elections. ***Next Election for LACDP Membership is the Presidential Primary Election March 3, 2020

Appointed Member: Elected Members who are appointed to fill a vacancy to one of the seven elected seats in an Assembly District voted by the  Membership of that Assembly District.

Ex-Officio Member – Those who serve on LACDP by the virtue of holding another office.  If registered as a Democrat in Los Angeles County, includes:

– Incumbent officeholders for:
Lieutenant Governor
State Treasurer
State Controller
Attorney General
Secretary of State
Insurance Commissioner
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Members of the State Board of Equalization
Members of the State Legislature
Members of the United States Senate
Members of the United States House of Representatives
– The Highest Finishing Democrat in the last general election for those offices referenced above
– County Sheriff, County District Attorney, County Assessor, and Members of the County Board of Supervisors
– Statewide Chairs or Presidents of official or chartered statewide Democratic Party Organizations
– Members of the Democratic National Committee
– State Officers of the California Democratic Party
– Assembly District Representatives to the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party, and
– The Chair of LACDP at the expiration of the immediately preceding term of office for elected members
– The Treasurer of LACDP (appointed)
– The Legal Counsel of LACDP (appointed)

Alternate Member – Any Regular Member in good standing (Elected, Appointed, or Ex-Officio) may appoint an Alternate Member, subject to the approval of LACDP, who serve at the member’s pleasure.

An Alternate Member for an Elected or Appointed Member must reside in the same Assembly District.

An Alternate Member for an Ex-Officio Member must reside in that political subdivision of Los Angeles County which the appointing member represents.

An Alternate Member has right of voice and motion at meetings of This Committee even if the appointing member is present but may vote only in the absence of that member.

Associate Member – A Democratic Club chartered by LACDP may designate an Associate Member. The LACDP Chair may also nominate Associate Members. The designations/nominations are subject to ratification of the LACDP Policy Committee. They are non-voting members.

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