LACDP Self-Identified Female DSCC Executive Board Election

Rosalba Gonzalez November 1, 2019 0

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) has (4) vacancies in its delegation to the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) Executive Board due to members of the delegation obtaining DSCC Executive Board status through other means or are no longer LACDP Members.

Prior to these vacancies, the delegation consisted of 13 Self-Identified Female Members and 13 Other than Self-Identified Female Members. As the four members vacating the delegation are Self-Identified Females, and to maintain gender balance, ONLY Self-Identified Female candidates will be eligible to fill the vacancies.

Eligibility: Only LACDP Members who hold their DSCC membership by virtue of Article II-Section 4 of the DSCC By-Laws (those having been elected by LACDP) are eligible. Alternate Members shall be eligible for election should there be an insufficient number of Regular Members (Elected, Appointed, and Ex-Officio) who choose to stand for election.

Duties/Proxies/Acknowledgment of Duties: If a LACDP representative to the DSCC Executive Board is not in attendance or represented by proxy at any meeting of the DSCC Executive Board, the representative shall be automatically removed and a vacancy shall be deemed to exist. Any representative so removed shall be notified and accorded the right of a hearing before LACDP’s Policy Committee, and may be represented by any person of his/her choosing, if so desired. The decision of the Policy Committee shall be final. It is not LACDP’s responsibility to locate proxies for a representative. The Chair may request LACDP’s Executive Board representatives to sign proxies in advance of an Executive Board meeting for use in their absence. Such a request does not relieve a representative of his or her duties and responsibilities to attend DSCC Executive Board meetings or to find a proxy if they are unavailable to attend a meeting. This rule does not place any duty on LACDP or its Chair. All candidates must sign a statement of acknowledgment of their duties and responsibilities.

LACDP Self-Identified Female DSCC Executive Board Candidates
as of November 8, 2019 (Final Update)
(Names are in no Particular Order)

Nilza Serrano
Leah K. Herzberg
Cecile  Bendavid
Paulette C. Francis
Suzann Reina
Constance Sullivan
Jennifer M. Vallejo
Stacey Ann Golden
Debi Evans
Jacquelynn Hawthorne
Patricia Acosta
Amaka Donn
Delta Elaine Duvali
Rosa M. Russell
Karen K. Suarez
Adele F. Andrade-Stadler
Jerilyn Stapleton
Michelle Elmer
Connye Thomas

Alternate Members: As there are more than 4 eligible Self-Identified Female Regular Members who applied, there must be an election among those candidates, and none of the Self-Identified Female Alternates who applied may be elected.

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