An Open Letter From the LACDP Executive Officers Following the Attack in Las Vegas

Danny Leserman October 2, 2017 0


Last night, while good people were enjoying the music they and so many others love, not a soul could have been prepared for the tragedy that would befall them. An event that was intended to be filled with joy and happiness ended up becoming the most devastating mass shooting in United States history.

The attack in Las Vegas fuels the vigor with which we stand with the victims of mass violence, and enhances the will we have to fight against those who wish to do us harm.

If you are able and wish to help, click here to find a blood donation center, and click here to donate to the Southern Nevada Red Cross. Your help could save lives.

While we await further details on this attack, there are still questions that we are compelled to ask: How many more would have died if the assailant had silencers, which the NRA is currently attempting to make easier to obtain through Congress? How were multiple fully-automatic long-range weapons obtained by a murderous lunatic? Will this finally be the straw that broke the camel’s back, forcing Congress to enact stricter gun control laws?

The response to mass shootings is becoming what many feared: routine. It is up to every single one of us to ensure that we do not become numb to senseless acts of barbarism; that this does not, in fact, become a real-life video game – no pain, no consequences.

Please keep the victims of this attack and their families in your prayers tonight, tomorrow, and throughout the rest of our lives. Their lives will never be forgotten.

In Complete Unity,

Eric C. Bauman – Chair
Bobbie Jean Anderson – Vice Chair
Mark Gonzalez – Vice Chair
Olivia Lee – Recording Secretary
Patt Sanders – Corresponding Secretary
Thom O’Shaughnessy – Controller
Garry S. Shay – Parliamentarian

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