It’s Past Time to Get Dark Money Out of Politics: Pass The California Disclose Act!

Danny Leserman August 29, 2017 0

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Vice Chair Mark Gonzalez released the following statement:

“As Chair Bauman noted when LACDP endorsed the California Disclose Act in its first iteration as AB 14, it’s long past time that we begin to get dark money out of politics. We urge the State Senate to pass the AB 249 compromise bill at the earliest possible time. The ability of ultra-conservative dark money groups to surreptitiously fund initiatives and referenda that advance the right-wing agenda must be reined in. AB 249 is a major step toward reforming our campaign finance system.

“Upon passage of AB 249, The California Disclose Act will prevent corporate interests and billionaires from unfairly influencing California’s elections from the shadows. Enacting unprecedented levels of campaign finance transparency with AB 249 is not just necessary, it is essential to ensure that the citizenry are confident that our elections are not beholden to hidden special interests, but represent their interests.”

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