09/03/10 – Release – CEO Watch: No Surprise: Fiorina Comes Out for Shipping More Jobs Overseas

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For Immediate Release
September 3, 2010
Contact: Kam Kuwata, 800-709-7532

No Surprise: Fiorina Comes Out for Shipping More Jobs Overseas

Carly Fiorina’s position on Prop. 23 was finally set free after many months of being held hostage. Today we learned that she supports the ballot measure to suspend AB 32, California’s landmark climate change law. However, Fiorina’s new position is at odds with economists who warn that Prop. 23 will kill jobs in California, and those jobs will instead go to China and elsewhere.

Former Reagan Administration Secretary of State George Shultz and fundraising extraordinaire for Fiorina said her position was “wrong.” [Shultz fundraising invitation here, San Francisco Chronicle, 7/25/10]

Kam Kuwata of CEO Watch responded, “No big surprise. Carly Fiorina has made a career of advocating her desire to ship jobs overseas – and to borrow a phrase – there she goes again!”

The nonpartisan California Legislative Analyst says that Prop. 23 would “dampen additional investments in clean energy technologies or in so-called ‘green jobs’ by private firms, thereby resulting in less economic activity than would otherwise be the case.” [LAO report, 1/19/10]

Additionally, 118 economists with expertise in California energy and climate matters have written a letter saying AB 32 will “create new business opportunities and more jobs…stimulate innovation and efficiency…could help the state become a technological leader in the global marketplace.” [Letter, 7/19/10]

Don Furman, senior vice president of Iberdrola Renewables says, “We’re building this industry right now. We’re really in a footrace with China and Europe to secure these jobs long term.” [USA Today, 2/3/10]

Kuwata of CEO Watch reminds voters, “Carly Fiorina, the fired CEO of Hewlett Packard, laid off nearly 33,000 American workers and then sent thousands of those jobs to China, India and Malaysia. She then boasted about doing this hatchet job on the American economy calling this move ‘right-shoring.’ So it’s no big surprise that she is at her old tricks once again.”


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