09/10/10 – Release – CEO Watch: News You Can Use

CEO Watch – News You Can Use
Tea Party Edition
September 10, 2010
Contact: Kam Kuwata, 800-709-7532

Justice Dept. and SEC Expand Investigation of Hewlett-Packard bribery allegations under Fiorina’s watch. What did Carly Fiorina know? and if she claims not to know, why didn’t Carly Fiorina know that her staff is accused of bribing the Russian government to win a $44 million contract?
“The contract spanned 2001 to 2006 and was for the delivery and installation of an information technology network….The U.S. investigation concerns possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a law that bans bribes to foreign officials. H-P said previously that the probe involved people who have mostly left the company.” [Wall Street Journal, 9/10/10]

As Fiorina attends a Tea Party rally today in Marin…
She was endorsed by noted “birther” Orly Taitz. Did Carly Fiorina today denounce the “birther” movement that is commonly associated with the Tea Partiers, or did she skirt the issue and gladly accept Taitz’s endorsement?

“I have to say that my husband and I had an opportunity to meet Carly and her husband on the campaign trail. They both strike me as very decent people…So, between Barbara Boxer and Carly, it is definitely Carly.” said Orly Taitz. [Orange County Weekly, 9/7/10]

Also, another Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle visits California, where she will presumably throw her support behind Fiorina’s candidacy. Will Fiorina also go to Nevada to help Sharon Angle? Maybe they will be plotting on how to eliminate Social Security.
When Fiorina was CEO of Hewlett-Packard, the company was one of the founding members of the Alliance for Worker Retirement Security, an industry group that engaged in direct lobbying of Congress in support of social security privatization. “On its website, the alliance lists the creation of private accounts as its No. 1 principle.” [Los Angeles Times, January 30, 2005]

Angle has called for Social Security to be “transitioned out.” [Politico, 8/18/10]
Here’s the fundraising invitation for Sharon Angle tonight in San Diego: http://bit.ly/bpVPax

Fiorina’s own San Diego fundraiser yesterday with defense contractors “raises eyebrows.”
Watch the San Diego’s Channel 6 news report here: http://www.sandiego6.com/news/local/story/Fiorina-Fundraiser-Scrutinized-for-Defense-Ties/SgmRaWW6q0a4w0QvgqBDKQ.cspx


CEO Watch is a project of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party that explores the records of Republican candidates who brag about their business credentials as qualifications for seeking public office. Not authorized by any federal candidate or committee.

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