LACDP Welcomes California GOP Convention to LA Amidst Financial Woes

Nik Swiatek August 10, 2012 0

The alleged “Party of Fiscal Responsibility” spends thousands of dollars gathering for a weekend schmooze-fest just days after acknowledging the near financial collapse of their organization


BURBANK – On Friday, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) welcomed the California Republican Party to LA for their State Convention amidst major financial woes for the self-proclaimed “Party of Fiscal Responsibility.”

LACDP Chair and CDP Vice-Chair Eric C. Bauman along with a team of Democratic activists distributed a flyer titled “The Party of Fiscal Responsibility?” (link to flyer below) calling out the CA GOP for falling deeply into debt under the leadership of Chair Tom Del Beccaro.

In front of the Burbank Marriott Convention Center where the convention is being held, and where putative Republican Nominee Mitt Romney will be notably absent this weekend, Bauman said:

“As California Republicans gather in LA, they have little to celebrate considering the state of their Party. They are $450,000 in debt, were kicked out of their headquarters for non-payment of rent and have instituted massive staff layoffs heading into November. The California GOP doesn’t have a clue how to manage their own finances, so it’s no coincidence that voters don’t trust them to navigate our economy.

“It’s not surprising Mitt Romney won’t be here this weekend considering the embarrassing financial shape California Republicans are in.  Although, if there was one place in America that needs his extensive experience at firing people, the California Republican Party is it. Maybe that can be a top priority for Mitt when he’s looking for work again on November 7th,” concluded Bauman.

Click here to download the flyer.

Click here to download photos from the event.

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