Resolution on Long Beach Fair Housing

Nik Swiatek August 13, 2013 0

Whereas, 47% of renters – or 130,000 people – in Long Beach are spending more than 35% of their income on rent, resulting in 20,000 Long Beach families living in severely overcrowded units; and

Whereas, housing is a building block of community health, and impacts our physical, psychological and social health, as well as the overall health and safety of a community; and

Whereas, Long Beach is drafting its 8-year Housing Element, a road map to meet the City’s housing needs,

Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party supports the inclusion of four community priorities within the Long Beach Housing Element:
1. Mixed Income Housing consisting of new condominium and apartment developments should include a percent of units that are affordable to moderate and very low income residents: and
2. Permanent, Local Sources of Funding must be identified by the City for housing development; and
3. A Rent Trust Account Program is needed to allow tenants residing in substandard homes to pay their rent, or a reduced rent, to the City until landlords repair their homes; and
4. Healthy Sites should be identified by community stakeholders, creating safe and unsegregated communities with access to parks and public transit, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party will communicate this resolution to the Long Beach City Council.

Author: Uduak Ntuk, 70th AD

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