Resolution on Tax Returns of Presidential Candidates

Nik Swiatek September 11, 2012 0

WHEREAS the character and values of the U.S. President are of paramount importance because he/she wields enormous power and influence in our country and in the world, and financial practices including payment of taxes legitimately influence voters’ evaluation of presidential candidates, and

WHEREAS most presidential candidates have released their tax returns for several prior years in order to demonstrate that they have nothing unseemly to hide, and

WHEREAS the 2012 Republican presidential candidate has refused to release his tax returns in the face of allegations that he failed to pay taxes and hides his income and wealth in foreign countries,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party urges the Congress and President to enact a law requiring the Internal Revenue Service to publish the last 10 years of tax returns by all presidential candidates and the results of any IRS investigations of those returns, and urges the California Democratic Party to pass a similar resolution, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party transmits this resolution to President Obama, Vice-President Biden, the California Democratic members of Congress and the California Democratic Party Executive Board members.
Submitted by Bob Gerecke, 41st AD

Adopted by LACDP 9/10/12


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