Resolution on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Nik Swiatek March 12, 2013 0

WHEREAS, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) is being negotiated with corporate but not public participation as a trade agreement, there are concerns that it also contains new corporate rights and privileges with restraints on government regulations which protect employees, consumers and the general public but which corporations deem to have caused them financial loss or prevented financial gain; and

WHEREAS, there are fears that these new rules will be enforced through trade sanctions and other damages, imposed by corporate–appointed tribunals; and

WHEREAS, President Obama previously instructed US trade officials to develop a new approach which, unlike the NAFTA model, would prevent corporate tribunals from vetoing government decisions;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party calls upon the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress to reject the TPP unless it provides for public oversight and input in the negotiating process and guarantees the rights of nations to protect their residents and environment without corporate veto; and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party will distribute this resolution to California’s Democratic members of Congress, President Obama and the US Trade Representative.

Passed LACDP 3/12/2013

Contact: Agi Kessler

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