Resolution Opposing Oil Drilling in Whittier Hills

Nik Swiatek August 13, 2013 0

Whereas the Whitter Hills Open Space was purchased with taxpayer funds granted in 1992 from Los Angeles County Proposition A to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy for the acquisition of park and open space land for this generation and generations to come and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Agency was established to preserve and manage open space, and

Whereas the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority won an injunction in the courts to prevent drilling in Whittier Hills, and

Whereas allowing drilling in the Whittier Hills would set a precedent that would embolden other oil companies to drill under other nature preserves and state parks; and

Therefore be it resolved that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party opposes any any drilling in the Whittier Hills, supports open space in all areas of Los Angeles County and affirms that all residents of Los Angeles County are entitled to open space close to where they live, and

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to all members of the County Board of Supervisors, to Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Executive Director Joe Edmiston and Governor Jerry Brown.
Submitted by the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains
Author: Dorothy Reik

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