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2018 August Resolutions

Resolution Supporting a Fair Workweek for Retail Workers

2018 July Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Maxine Waters

2018 April Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Public Banks
Resolution Prioritizing Gun Violence Prevention
Resolution in Support for Los Angeles County IHSS Providers
Resolution Commending Firefirghters

2017 October Resolutions

Animal Agriculture and Our Environment

2017 September Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Port Truck Drivers
Protecting Young People in the DACA Program

2017 August Resolutions

Calling on the City of Los Angeles to Fully License Cannabis Businesses
Fix the Approval Process for Development in L.A.
Natural Gas Storage Safety and New Energy Storage
Opposing Trump’s Ban on Transgender Military Personnel

2016 March Resolutions

Resolution in Support of the People of Flint, Michigan

2016 February Resolutions

Resolution in Support of the Retention of Dr. Charles Lester
Resolution in Support of Ending the Elephant Exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo

2016 January Resolutions

Resolution Reaffirming Support for Freedom of Speech
Resolution Calling on Kamala Harris to Investigate Exxon

2015 November Resolutions

Resolution in Support of the Fair Hotels Program
Resolution in Support of Raising the Minimum Wage and Ensuring Worker Protections in Long Beach

2015 September Resolutions

Resolution to Stop Raids on Wildlife Refuge Water

2015 June Resolutions

Resolution in Opposition to Bypassing the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
Resolution Supporting the Protection of Sullivan Canyon
Resolution to Protect Existing Habitat and Beach Access in the City of Malibu

2015 May Resolutions

Resolution in Opposition to Arctic Oil Drilling Permit
Resolution Requiring Wider Use of Water Conservation Systems

2015 April Resolutions

Resolution Calling on Turkey to Stop Denying the Armenian Genocide
Resolution on Expanding Arts Education to Prepare Our Students for Good Careers
Resolution on Protecting the Real-Life Habitats of Threatened and Endangered Species
Resolution Opposing Expansion of the Chiquita Canyon Landfill
Resolution Requesting Ballot Changes To Promote Greater Voter Participation
Resolution Supporting Detailed Meat and Poultry Inspections to Safeguard Public Health
Resolution Supporting Grocery Workers in Boycott of El Super Grocery Stores

2015 March Resolution

Resolution in Opposition to Gender Discrimination in Workers’ Compensation

2015 February Resolution

Resolution in Support of Raising the Minimum Wage and Ensuring Worker Protections in Los Angeles

2015 January Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Consolidating LA City’s Elections with California Statewide Elections
Resolution on Eliminating Gerrymandering

2014 October Resolutions

Resolution Condemning State Senator Steve Knight for Voting Against Banning the Display and Sale of the Battle Flag of the Confederacy in California

2014 September Resolutions

Resolution on Fixing the Silent Hold
Resolution on Scholl Canyon Dump
Resolution Supporting Appeal of Vergara v. California
Resolution Supporting Renegotiation or Termination of Interest Rate Swap Deals in the City of Los Angeles

2014 June Resolutions

Resolution on Helping People Get the Medical Equipment They Need
Resolution on Keeping Social Security Offices Open
Resolution Opposing the Confirmation of Michael Boggs
Resolution on Repealing the Ban on General Election Write-Ins
Resolution on Restoring the Rights of California Homebrewers
Resolution on Santa Susana Field Laboratory Cleanup

2014 April Resolutions

Resolution on North Korean Crimes Against Humanity
Resolution on Obamacare for the Undocumented

2014 March Resolutions

Resolution Supporting Normal Relations with Cuba

2014 February Resolutions

Resolution to Oppose Building on the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve
Resolution Supporting President Obama on Iran Negotiations

2014 January Resolutions

Resolution on Preserving the Ballona Wetlands Reserve
Resolution Supporting Both a District-Based Voting System and Moving City Elections from April to November in the City of Whittier

2013 October Resolutions

Resolution to Repeal the Top Two Primary
Resolution on Social Security Discrimination Against Public Employees
Resolution Supporting A Ban On Rodenticides
Resolution Opposing At-Large Voting System and Supporting District-Based Voting System in Local Elections

2013 September Resolutions

Resolution Condemning and Calling for the Removal/Resignation of City of Lancaster Commissioner Stan Muhammed for his LGTBQ and Anti-Semitic Slurs

2013 August Resolutions

Resolution on Long Beach Fair Housing
Resolution Opposing Oil Drilling in Whittier Hills
Resolution Opposing Proposed Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling Project

2013 June Resolutions

Resolution to Provide Shelter and Services for Veterans
Resolution regarding Gerrymandering in Violation of Civil Rights

2013 March Resolutions

Resolution on Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies
Resolution on Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
Resolution on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

2013 February Resolutions

Resolution to Support of President Obama’s Efforts to Reduce Gun Violence

2013 January Resolutions

Resolution on Bypassing Gridlock in Sacramento
Resolution to Affirm Continuing Support of CEQA
Resolution Supporting Ending Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthiest Americans

2012 September Resolutions

Resolution Against Suppression of Voting
Resolution on Tax Returns of Presidential Candidates

2012 August Resolutions

Resolution to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing
Resolution Opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

2012 June Resolutions

Resolution on Businesses in “Right-to-Work” States Seeking Local and State Contracts
Resolution on Value-Added Scores in Teacher Evaluations

 2012 April Resolutions

Resolution on the Awareness of Armenian Genocide
Resolution Honoring an American Hero
Resolution on the Restoration of Malibu Lagoon

2012 February Resolutions

Resolution Concerning the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
Resolution Encouraging True State Health Care Insurance Rate Regulation
Resolution on Corporate Political Expenditures
Resolution to Provide Homeless Veterans with Shelter and Services

2011 November Resolutions

Resolution on County Central Committee Elections – California Elections Code

2011 October Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Occupy Los Angeles

2011 September Resolutions

Resolution on Timely FEMA Funding
Resolution in Support of a Clean Energy Future for Los Angeles
Resolution in Support of Kaiser Permanente Workers’ Strike
Resolution on Property in West Los Angeles Given to the Federal Government for Use by Veterans

2011 August Resolutions

Resolution on Preserving Two Year Registered Nurse and One Year Licensed Vocational Nurse Programs
Resolution to Support Federal Efforts to Require Internet-Only Retailer to Collect Sales Tax

2011 July Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Grocery Workers
Resolution on Endorsing Non-Democrats
Resolution Opposing Racism and Homophobia
Resolution Opposing the Weakening of Social Security

2011 June Resolutions

Moving California Forward
Resolution on Neutralizing Osama bin Ladin
Resolution Supporting the Elimination of Los Angeles Community College District Runoff Elections

2011 May Resolutions

Resolution Asking the City of Cerritos to Rescind Action
Resolution in Support of Fair and Timely Collective Bargaining

2011 April Resolution

Resolution on Protecting Public Libraries

2011 March Resolutions

Resolution Calling for the Conversion of All Death Sentences in California to Life Without the Possibility of Parole
Resolution Opposing Rollback of Public Employees’ Collective Bargaining Rights
Resolution To Preserve a Strong Democratic Community
Resolution Concerning the Treatment of Bradley Manning

2011 February Resolutions

Resolution Concerning EPA Policy and Mountaintop Removal
Resolution Concerning Assault Weapons and Extended Clip Ban
Resolution in Support of Californians for A Fresh Start – Term Limit Reform for California Legislature

2011 January Resolution

Resolution to Ensure that Veteran’s Educational Benefits Produce Positive Results

2010 September Resolution

Resolution in Support of Shining a Light on Local Government

2010 May Resolution

Resolution in Support of Move Los Angeles Forward

2010 April Resolutions

Resolution in Favor of Modification of U.S. Senate Rules
Resolution Opposing Voter’s First Act for Congress
Resolution Supporting Definition of Personhood As A Human Person Only

2010 February Resolutions

Providing A Federal Campaign Level Playing Field
Resolution to Oppose Efforts to Overturn Insurance Protections Currently in Effect
Resolution to Save Propositions 63 and 10

2010 January Resolution

Resolution to Re-Establish Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall Standard

2009 December Resolutions

Opposing Governor’s Appointment of Lieutenant Governor

2009 October Resolutions

Supporting the NBC General Contractors Workers Fight Against Wage Theft
California Majority Rule Initiative
Analyzing Cost Saving to Communities by Providing Healthcare for All
Support State’s Rights for Single Payer Health Care

2009 September Resolutions

Retain University of California Autonomy
Support Legal Challenge of Governor’s Line Item Veto

2009 August Resolution

Clean Campaign Resolution

2009 July Resolutionss

Condemning Voter Registration Fraud
Replace the Death Penalty with Permanent Imprisonment
Resolution in Support of Victims of Age Discrimination
Spending of Federal Economic Renewal Grants to California
Support for Irish Reunification
Supporting A Public Option in Healthcare Reform

2009 June Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Unionization
Resolution on the California State Budget
Support for California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno

2009 May Resolutions

Fully Funding the 2010 Census
Supporting Inclusion of Sexual Orientation and LGBT Couples in the Federal Census
Restore the Economic Safety-Net

2009 April Resolutions

Divest Investments in Businesses and Countries Giving Support to Genocide
Reform the California Budget Process
Resolution Calling for the Impeachment of Judge Jay Bybee
Support Financial Assistance to Farmers Who Wish to Transition Their Farms From Conventional to Certified Organic
Resolution Opposing Texas State Rep. Betty Brown’s Racially Insensitive Remarks

2009 March Resolutions

Opposing Privatization of Social Security and Medicare
Resolution on Proposed NFL Football Stadium in City of Industry
Resolution to Establish A “Pecora” Commission to Investigate the Collapse of the Financial System
State’s Rights to Pass More Stringent Environmental Laws
Resolution in Support of Green Energy
Resolution in Support of Split Roll Property Tax

2009 February Resolutions

Expressing Thanks to President Obama for His Review of Bush Policies
Resolution Supporting Protection of a National Sacred Trust

2009 January Resolutions

Resolution in Support of TARP Accountability
Resolution to Repeal/Challenge Prop 8
Resolution Supporting a Declaration of Principles for a Presidential Executive Order on Prisoner Treatment, Torture and Cruelty

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