California Majority Rule Initiative

California Majority Rule Initiative

Whereas, the major obstacle to economic and social reform in Sacramento is the stranglehold that the minority of Republican state legislators have caused by their refusal to support budget reform and revenue sources;

Whereas, grassroots activists, union members, and many democratic club members all support ending the 2/3 rule for both budgets and revenue in Sacramento;

Whereas, at the 2009 State Democratic Convention a resolution supporting the end of the 2/3 rule was unanimously passed;

Therefore be it resolved that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party endorse the language submitted Friday, by Professor George Lakoff and the California Majority Rule PAC, and to promote the following language as a 2010 State Initiative.

“All Legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by majority vote.”

Further be it resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party urge all Democratic organizations to adopt support as well, and convey this resolution to the California Democratic Party, California Legislative Democratic members, all State Constitutional Democratic office holders, and the media.

Submitted for consideration:

Thomas Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Region 3 Vice Chair, LACDP, AD 43 Delegation

Passed by LACDP 10/13/09

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