Expressing Thanks to President Obama for His Review of Bush Policies

Expressing Thanks to President Obama for His Review of Bush Policies

Whereas, liberals, progressives, radicals, moderates and many conservatives have been worried that the recent Bush administration was taking this country in the wrong direction and that we have been occupying the moral low ground; and

Whereas, many Democratic organizations have asked President Barack Obama to revoke many of President Bush’s regulations and abandon many of his policies which have harmed American science, economy, the environment, wildlife and our nation’s reputation; and

Whereas, the Obama administration has taken swift action to suspend the Bush administration’s “midnight regulations”, revoke the Mexico City policy, and take enlightened positions on conflict of interest, energy policy, environmental policy, ethics standards, freedom of information policy, labor policy and torture,

Therefore be it resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party send a letter of appreciation to President Obama and encourage him to continue his good work, and

Be it further resolved, that members of the LACDP be encouraged to send individual letters of appreciation and encouragement.

Author: Craig Athon, 49th

Passed by LACDP Resolutions Committee 02/03/09

Passed by LACDP 02/10/09

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