Reform the California Budget Process

Reform the California Budget Process

Whereas, the requirement that ANY budget or tax increase in California has to be approved by a two thirds majority of legislative members has created a permanent minority veto over California’s budget and tax structure, and

Whereas, the minority exercises veto power over the budget, discouraging honest, good faith negotiations and over the last 6 budget cycles has succeeded in cutting $39 billion from the State’s Health and Human Services budgets, as well as, substantial cuts to education and has brought the State to near bankruptcy, and

Whereas, this continual attack on essential public services and education has a deleterious effect on the California economy by depressing the job market, eliminating cost effective preventive services and increasing the use of expensive incarcerations, hospitalizations and emergency services, and increasing the pain and suffering of millions of California citizens, and contributing to the demise of the middle class and the establishment of a two-class system,

Therefore be it resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party calls for the overturn of the two thirds requirement to restore true representative government to the State of California and create a legislative climate where honest deliberation and thoughtful compromise can occur, and

Therefore be it further resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party pledges to work to educate, advocate for and work to change the budgetary/tax increase requirement to a simple majority vote and requests all Democratic members of the State Legislature to make changing this requirement their top priority.

Passed by Valley Grassroots for Democracy, 3/21/09

Passed by LACDP Resolutions Committee 4/7/09

Passed by LACDP 04/14/09

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