Resolution on Helping People Get the Medical Equipment They Need

WHEREAS, many low income recipients of Medicare and Medi-Cal who need expensive durable medical equipment like wheelchairs have difficulty getting it, while people who no longer need their equipment have no way of transferring it to someone who does need it; and

WHEREAS, Oregon has created a pilot project to refurbish used durable medical equipment and provide it to provide medical assistance recipients; and

WHEREAS, refurbishing and reusing existing medical equipment instead of buying new equipment will simultaneously reduce health care costs for patients, tax payers and insurers and place California at the vanguard of improving health care for all.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party requests the Governor and Legislature to pilot a means for used but no longer needed durable medical equipment to be refurbished and made available to low income persons who need it, as Oregon has done; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this be communicated to the Governor and to the Democratic members of the State Legislature from Los Angeles County.

Author: Bob Gerecke, 41st AD

Passed by LACDP

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