Resolution on the California State Budget

Resolution on the California State Budget

Whereas, California faces a budget shortfall that today exceeds $24 billion and which may yet grow larger; this shortfall may have potentially devastating effects on real Californians who depend on the state for public safety, education, healthcare and social services;

Whereas, the Democratic Party and Democratic elected officials have committed to protecting those who are at greatest risk and who are most dependant on the state for essential government services; and Democrats have always stood up for the people of California, fighting to guarantee funding for critical services and programs;

Whereas, the tyranny of the Republican legislative minority and the political weakness of California’s lame duck Governor have time and again conspired to block adoption of reasonable budgets and sources of new revenue; and have attempted to divide Democratic legislators and their allies by refusing to vote for budgetary proposals and literally holding the state hostage to advance their partisan and individual political agendas, without regard for those most vulnerable and most impacted by their actions;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party calls on all Democratic Legislators to stand firmly united to uphold the values of the Democratic Party, by fighting to protect those at greatest risk and most dependant on our government, while resisting those compromises that would cause long term injury to our state and its people, and to just say “NO” to the Governor and Republicans in the State Legislature when asked to cut critical programs to children, the elderly and the disabled.

Be it further resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party transmit this resolution to all Democratic Legislators, demanding they work to responsibly resolve the state’s budget crisis, seeking to ensure that California is once again the Golden State.

Eric Bauman, LACDP Chair, AD 43
Clark Lee, AD 60

Passed by LACDP Resolutions Committee

Passed by LACDP 06/09/09

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