Resolution Opposing Voter’s First Act for Congress

Resolution Opposing Voter’s First Act for Congress

Whereas, the formula that created the Proposition 11 commission has been recognized as faulty, ill conceived and discriminates against Californians with any political experience, and

Whereas, Charles T. Munger, Jr. is again using his personal fortune to attempt to influence California voters to include congressional redistricting in the Citizens Redistricting Commission, and

Whereas, this so called Voter’s First Act for Congress with its inherent structural faults and its discriminatory exclusion of experienced voters is being circulated and mailed out to many Democratic voters for their support and signature;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party opposes Voter’s First Act for Congress and will work to inform voters and ask them not to sign or support it, and

Therefore be it further resolved, that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the members of the State Assembly, State Senate, and Congressional Democratic members representing California asking them to work against this proposed initiative.

Author: Thomas Patrick O’Shaughnessy, 43rd AD Region 3 Vice Chair, LACDP

Passed by LACDP Resolutions Committee

Passed by LACDP 4/14/10

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