Resolution Requesting Ballot Changes To Promote Greater Voter Participation

Whereas, the democratic process is based on the need for greater voter participation in order to produce a more effective and responsive government;

Whereas, current participation rates have increasingly gotten smaller over the years, and when voters do exercise their franchise at the polls, they frequently overlook the down-ballot;

Whereas, voter participation falls off during mid-term elections,

Be it resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party request consideration by the California Democratic Party, the Secretary of State and the various Registrar of Voters in all the counties of California to redesign future ballots to reverse the order of candidate, proposition, and measure listings [down-ballot on top and up-ballot on the bottom] for the purpose of encouraging the electorate to vote the entire ballot. Further, we request that the State Legislature consider a State Constitutional Amendment measure to declare every November Election Day in odd – and even – numbered years an Official State Holiday.

Be it further resolved, that such changes first be implemented through a pilot project commencing in 2016 during the California Primary by using precincts selected at random throughout the State in order to obtain fair and objective insight into whether these changes would be increasingly effective at obtaining more complete voter participation than the procedure presently being utilized. Further that the State Constitutional Amendment measure be placed on the November 2016 ballot to create the State General Election Holidays every year in November.

Co-Authored by Rosemary Jenkins, Chair-AD 39
Thomas Patrick O’Shaughnessy, AD 43 & LACDP Regional Vice Chair

Adopted by LACDP 4/14/15

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