State’s Rights to Pass More Stringent Environmental Laws

State’s Rights to Pass More Stringent Environmental Laws

Whereas, many states have enacted environmental laws and regulations to benefit their citizens’ well being, quality of life, and establish a robust environmental foundation for future generations; and

Whereas, federal laws and regulations frequently supersede state laws, allowing weaker federal environment laws to undermine the environmental will of the citizens of a state; and

Whereas, citizens of every state should be able to benefit from the strongest environmental regulations available to their state.

Therefore be it resolved that, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party recommend to all federal lawmakers and officials that they promote, support, and enact legislation that would assure that a state’s environmental laws and regulations will supersede federal laws and regulations when the state’s laws and regulations provide greater environmental protection, and

Therefore be it further resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party send copies of this resolution to the President on the Untied States, the California Congressional Delegation and to the Head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Author: Bruce McFarland, 38th AD

Passed by the LACDP Resolutions Committee, 03/03/09

Passed by LACDP 03/11/09

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