Resolution on Property in West Los Angeles Given to the Federal Government for Use by Veterans

Resolution on Property in West Los Angeles Given to the Federal Government for Use by Veterans

WHEREAS, Los Angeles has more veterans than any other city in our nation and in 1888 land in West Los Angeles was donated to the federal government for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a soldier’s home for disabled war veterans; and

WHEREAS, for 80 years, the predecessor agency to the Department of Veteran Affairs operated a home at this site in conformity with the 1888 deed where disabled veterans were able to obtain housing and medical services but in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the agency stopped accepting new residents and structures were repurposed or fell into disuse and became badly in need of repair and restoration; and

WHEREAS, 110 of the 387 acres are now unavailable for housing and other services to veterans because theatres once used to stage productions for veterans are leased to private companies to stage productions in which veterans are charged full price, fields once used by veterans for recreation are now locked to them and leased to private schools and agreements were made with commercial and other organizations for non-veteran use and government officials involved in these deals have not disclosed the rentals, how the deals were negotiated, and if any of the revenue is going to help our veterans.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, along with hundreds of thousands of veterans and their families, support an immediate halt to any giveaway, sale, lease or contracting of any of the Los Angeles National Veterans Home property, either to a non-veterans organization or for any non-veteran-related purpose, and the revocation of any existing agreements to do so; and urges President Obama and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to direct money and resources to that end, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party calls on the Congressional Veterans Oversight Committees, California Democratic Congressional Delegation, particularly Congressman Waxman in whose district the property is located, and Senators Boxer and Feinstein to obtain and to make public all information regarding deals, agreements and contracts with private companies and organizations using this property and its facilities in order to restore these facilities so the property can be fully utilized for its original purpose.

Submitted by: Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains,
Drafted by: Michael Goldman

Passed by LACDP Resolutions Committee 9/6/11

Passed by LACDP 9/13/11

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